1. ARTIFACTORY wins 3 prize awards at the 13th International Tourism Film Festival in Viseu Portugal

    13 Nov 2020
    At the 13th International Tourism Film Festival which has taken place in Viseu Portugal, October 20-23 2020, Aldo di Russo has been awarded with two 1st Prize Awards and a 2nd Prize Award in the category “Documentaries” for his contributions “The Principino” and the “Autumnal Dream”.   You may enjoy “The…

  2. Postponing “Art and Culture Vs Xenophobia” event -Αναβολή της Συνάντησης “Art and Culture Vs Xenophobia” λόγω κορονοϊού

    02 Nov 2020
    Η Artifactory και οι εταίροι της Kulturskolen i Ås Art & Music School του Δήμου του Ås στη Νορβηγία και η Baumstrasse/Δρόμος με Δέντρα ανακοινώνουν ότι αναβάλουν την Συνάντηση “Art and Culture Vs Xenophobia” και Εργαστηρίων (Labs) που είχε προγραμματιστεί για τις 4,5 και 6 Νοεμβρίου 2020 στην Αθήνα και…

  3. The Wonders of Chios

    18 Oct 2020
    The advent of COVID-19 has proven that the Project 2018-1-TR01-KA203-058344 TOURiBOOST has been ahead of the time in regards to the digital use of cultural heritage. Working with the Tourism Department of the UNIVERSITY OF THE AEGEAN in Chios, Greece, the TOURiBOOST Project has built the first attempt to train…

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