1. PACT4SKILLS Seeking compelling narratives. The Naples experience.

    2023-11-12 17:54:50 UTC
    Looking for great narratives The Pact4Skills Transnational Partnership has come together on the 7th and 8th of November 2023 to conclude the 3rd Study Visit and Evaluation Workshop in Naples, Italy. The Study Visit has led to the UNESCO-listed Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula, the J.P. Antimafia Museum and…


    2023-10-30 10:15:15 UTC
    5 DIGITAL GAME PROTOTYPES DEVELOPED  Over 190 participants from Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, France and Italy have come together on the 28th and 29th of October 2023 to join the Pact4Skills Intensive Gamification Training. Participants have interacted with mentors and covered in an 8-hour-intensive training the basic tenets of game design,…


    2023-10-23 07:27:53 UTC
    GET2ACTION realized the onsite training in cultural heritage in Chios, Greece, 2-6 October 2023. The Training focused on the design of gamified experiences at sites museums and collections. More information available at


    2023-10-23 07:21:45 UTC
    👉🏼2-6 October 2023 young people from Türkiye, Greece, Holland, Egypt, Jordan, and Bosnia-Herzegovina have gathered in Chios Greece to attend a blended learning training program in the gamification of heritage in the framework of TURBINE Erasmus. Activities includes a theoretical part, study visits at designated monuments and evaluation workshops.TOURBINE realized…

  5. Crash Course in the interpretation of heritage🖋️

    2023-08-31 11:14:38 UTC
    CRASH COURSE in HI We have big plans for you! Crash Course in the interpretation of heritage NO MORE bored visitors, empty sites, wasted potential. Let us train young people to turn silent heritage into a thrilling experience. Funded by the EU Project TOURBiNE, the Crash Course is unfolding opportunities…

  6. ARTIFACTORY travels to the city of Museums 09-16 July 2023

    2023-07-12 14:22:11 UTC
    An alternative training for Museum Mentors takes place in Amsterdam under the auspices of the 2021-1-CY01-KA220-HED-000031113 Pact for Skills Project “Tackling the challenges of the European Education Area to upskill HED students face the transformation in museums and collections with new digital, intercultural, social and entrepreneurial skills”.  The training…

  7. Pera Terra rocked with 13-song Mediterranean Tour on Mediterranean Day!

    2023-01-09 16:53:22 UTC
    Although Monday is a difficult day for concerts, the band Pera Terra “compensated” its audience at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Preveza with the “Mediterranean Tour in 13 songs” presented as part of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Mediterranean Day events. Artifactory’s proposal was one of 36 musical performances…

  8. Anna Lindh Foundation and Artifactory Celebrating the Mediterranean

    2022-11-26 17:11:00 UTC
    The Anna Lindh Foundation is an international organization working from the Mediterranean to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue in the face of growing mistrust and polarisation Are you ready to celebrate the Mediterranean ? In the framework of the #MediterraneanDay celebrated every 28 of November, and in coordination with…

  9. AD HOC Accessible and Digitalized Cultural Heritage for persons with disabilities

    2022-10-04 18:46:00 UTC
    On the 15th of October 2022 the ADHOC Project hosts the Multiplier Event in the Mansion of Perleas, in Kampos, Chios.  ADHOC is an experiment towards solutions for audiences with special needs in the cultural domain.  We truly believe that auditory, visual, mobility and other impairments should not impede individuals…

  10. Heritage4Growth in Rhodes, Greece

    2022-10-03 16:22:52 UTC
    In October 23-28, 2022 the Heritage4Growth Project will conduct the INTENSIVE COMPOSITE TRAINING IN GAMIFICATION TO REWIND THE TOURISM SERVICE DESIGN in Rhodes, Greece.  60 participants from Romania, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, and the Czech Republic are expected to particpate the training.  Trainees will be concerned with:  1.ACCESSIBILITY:…

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