At ARTIFACTORY we consider cultural heritage and the arts as the main lever for social progress, economic development, citizenship education, and the evolution of new skills for new jobs. Therefore we are committed to:

− raise awareness on the socio-economic potential of cultural heritage and the arts;
− exploit the potential of culture and the arts as a main medium for the resolution of social conflicts;
− stimulate cultural projects, initiatives and investments;
− involve and engage communities and the youth at grass roots level into the planning and management of heritage;
− assist local communities and the youth, discover their local heritage potential and strengthen their capacity for endogenous development;
− communicate heritage values to the youth and give them a platform for their voices. 

Culture and the Youth

Despite the access to technology and information a declining cultural capital of a youth, innate in the digital world, is a fact. To involve and engage young audiences to connect to the “self’ and the “other” through their active participation in culture and the arts, is a unique path for an all-inclusive Europe and the defense of European values and human rights.

Stakeholders and decision makers
Cultural development needs actors with strong commitments, capable to understand multilateral interactions and collaborate to reflect them in policy and delivery. In this spirit we guide organizations and partners to design and deliver quality experiences in heritage places and promote natural and cultural heritage tourism as a discovery source for heritage values, respecting international treaties and conventions as formulated by Council of Europe, Unesco and Icomos on sustainable development.

Environment, our global home
The environment, climate change threats, neglected cultural heritage and loss of habitats are burning issues at ARTIFACTORY, which is striving to ensure the collective voice by providing for visible alternatives thought international cooperation partnerships and projects.

Culture and economy
Although Europe is a cultural superpower, in peripheral and scarcely populated areas the youth has little possibilities to enhance their cultural capital, as it faces unemployment that is leading to economic migrations, territorial depopulation, ageing and brain drain. At ARTIFACTORY we are devoted to reducing unemployment through the development of new skills for new jobs and utilizing the potential of heritage for sustainable growth. In this spirit the formation of (g)local heritage entrepreneurs by helping them identify business opportunities and increase capacities of professional skills lies at the heart of our efforts.

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