At ARTIFACTORY we are devoted to hard work. It is the prerequisite towards the forging of public, private and third sector partnerships in the domain of natural and cultural heritage, tourism and the environment. Uniting forces is indispensable for achieving excellence and developmental goals for the sake of people and the territory. Investing in people and promoting skills for the youth to combat unemployment also lies in the heart of our efforts.
Members and collaborators are specialized in the design and delivery of high quality cultural heritage experiences for sites, museums and communities. The presentation, communication, and creation of artworks and culture using the skills of people and advanced technology lie in the heart of our efforts. Highly sophisticated communication for enterprises is offered by utilizing cultural contents and values.
Our experts are creating customized products and by-products in culture and the arts as well as a wide range onsite visitor services along with tourism studies and research.

Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt, Ph.D.

Tourism and Cultural Heritage Expert

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Aldo Di Russo, M.Sc.

Audiovisual Design and Production

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Katiana Houli, M.Sc. 

Project & Financial Manager

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Photini Papahatzi, MA

Cultural manager, educator and artist 

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Nikolaos Thomaidis, Ph.D.

BSc Forestry, MSc European Rural Development, PhD Geography

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Konstantinos Papachristopoulos Ph.D

Social/Organizational Psychology

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 Euanthia Tzimou

Architect and Urban Planner

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Nikolaos Sofianos, Mphil

Independent Energy Expert

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Daniel-Fernando Weiss-Ibáñez 

Urban planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in rural development areas

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Lia Nalbantidou


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Eleni Mouzakiti, Ph.D.

Visual artist, educator, curator, editor

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Kostas Ioannidis 

Assistant Professor of Art Theory and Criticism at the Athens School of Fine Arts

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Elissavet Kompogianni 


Panagiota Koutsoukou

Cultural and Heritage Development Specialist

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