Training Opportunity CoSiYA

CoSiYA – Co-creating Socially-inclusive Youthwork with Agroecology A mobility project for youth workers

From November 7 to Sunday 13 there is a fantastic training opportunity
for youth workers and youth leaders that will take place in Amsterdam,

The training is called CoSIYA (Co-creating
Socially-inclusive Youth work with Agroecology) and includes transport,
food and accommodation. 

The week centers on: 

 - Training on intersectionality, decoloniality, artivism and
participatory action research 

- Participant co-creating practices for social justice and inclusion
that support agroecology initiatives 

- Excursions and workshops from initiatives fighting for social justice
and inclusion 


• Previous experience with social change work 

• Passionate about achieving social justice with food initiatives 

• Want to learn more about intersectionality and integrate it into their

• Involved in organisation(s) where new practices and learnings will be
shared and implemented 

• Proficiency with English to access the trainings 

• Willingness to experiment, reflect, build community and be open-minded

Please write to for more info and application 

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