Heritage4Growth in Rhodes, Greece

In October 23-28, 2022 the Heritage4Growth Project will conduct the INTENSIVE COMPOSITE TRAINING IN GAMIFICATION TO REWIND THE TOURISM SERVICE DESIGN in Rhodes, Greece. 

60 participants from Romania, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, and the Czech Republic are expected to particpate the training. 

Trainees will be concerned with: 

1.ACCESSIBILITY: facilitate physical/intellectual access to cultural heritage assets and unlock their values for society; 

2.VERIFICATION: evidence will be collected gathered through scholarly methods; 

3.CONTEXT: trainees learn how to relate to their wider social, cultural, historical/natural contexts/ settings; 

4.AUTHENTICITY: trainees learn how to respect basic tenets of authenticity; 

5.SUSTAINABLE TOURISM: trainees learn how to apply the EU GREEN DEAL and the UN 17 SDG tenets in tourism planning; 

6.TOURISM STAKEHOLDERS: trainees learn how to conduct meaningful collaboration between professionals, λocal communities, and other stakeholders; 7.EVALUATION: continuing research, training, & evaluation are essential components of the interpretation of a cultural heritage site. 

5 indoors training workshops will instruct trainees in the gamification of heritage. Trainees will play the game in the city of the Knights Hospitallers and will acquire skills to develop the project games. The 5 WORKSHOPS have the mission to convey to trainees the methodological tools, that will allow them to become agents for change and innovation in tourism and deal with strategic issues in tourism planning such accessibility, significance, (inter)cultural communication in the challenging technological environment the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The training builds a unique and transformative experience where invited people gather in a setting dedicated to creativity, entrepreneurship, trends and technology. More information is available here

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