Artifactory is one of the 26 organisations selected in response to Tech Soup Europe Game Changer Call for Tenders, which involves these 26 organisations in 16 countries playing over 113 games with 1400+ young people across Europe.

Artifactory is organising in February -March 2021 the following : 

  •   Build a campaign  on Social Media and become an Ambassador of Change

  Youth led-social media campaigns serve as a tool that
adds the knowledge and skills necessary to support
youngsters in creating a social media campaign(s)
designed at tackling social issue(s) that are defined and
determined by the young people we support. In Game
Changer we call these aspiring young leaders/influencers
Ambassador of Change.  

  •  Out of the Box - Online Game 

Out of the box is an online negotiation game that shows
polarisation mechanisms, which effectively is one of the
biggest factors in the radicalisation process. The rules of
the game are easy to learn and also the game’s setting is
easy to tweak for players’ needs, as it can easily be modified
to tell the story of designing a school, a library, a university
campus etc. The game offers an interactive game board on
Roll20 and voice channels for discussion on Discord.

  • The Key of Whispersteel -Offline game 

The Key of Whispersteel is a narrative based role-playing
team game set in an urban space, inspired by the popular
youth series Locke and Key. It is a modern reality mixed
with the themes of a dark, broken fairy tale in which there
is a magic of high and unspecified power coming from demons. . 

📍 Game Changer is a European Union grant funded project that ultimately provides training tools, field expert support and guidance to NGOs, CSOs and aspiring young leaders (or Ambassadors of Change). 

Trainings will teach Ambassadors of Change how to lead their own social media campaigns and teach NGOs how to provide support and guidance throughout the entire process. 

Another element of the Game Changer project involves the the use of offline Social City Games, which will promote tolerance, civic engagement, diversity and inclusion through gamification.

Game Changer NGO partners and field experts will monitor, provide guidance and continued training to the Ambassadors of Change during their campaigns to ensure effectiveness and more importantly to listen to the questions, comments and concerns they may have. This will provide continued learning for both project partners and Ambassadors of Change. Our training tools will teach aspiring Ambassadors of Change how to lead their own effective social media campaigns. This toolkit will also provide expertise to interested NGOs and activists interested in identifying more young people to conduct such campaigns.

The project is a partnership between youth and NGOs focused on addressing tolerance, open-mindedness, civic engagement and radical ideology and behavior, technology experts, media specialists, academia and youth activists.

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