The” LEARN -FIND-TELL-ACT" Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Project (Pr.No 2018-3-UK01-KA205-059927) aims to foster social inclusion and active citizenship of young people, promoting the right understanding of the phenomenon of migration. The project encourages critical thinking as opposed to generic statements without any foundation.

The project with partnership of 6 European countries, focus on the idea that young people need to improve their digital and media literacy skills to be able to use digital technologies to address the social issues around them and aims to articulate the concepts that are situating the relationship between digital media and migration.

In the discussions during the preparation of this proposal the partners identified two points that make the general public vulnerable to media manipulation about migration. These are insecurity brought about by:

- the changes that migration is bringing about in society and

- lack or wrong of information about the phenomenon. This manipulation is made easier by fear amplified by the media making the incorrect link with specific religious backgrounds and often confusing skin colour with religion as well.

This insecurity and fear is what makes people react and make statements (and at times take action) without a real understanding of migration. This is one of the biggest causes of lack of social inclusion and this is what our project will work on. It will take on this priority by making young people work together on strong content that helps the general public understand the phenomenon of migration though the digital journalistic works created by the young people that is the result of the trainings they will have and cooperation with migrants and refugees themselves. The content of their work will convey to the public definitions and basic facts about migration that will help people form informed opinions about the topic rather than repeat what others state in social media or in the mass media.

At the same time the partners, youth leaders and youths involved in the project activities will also acquire skills in fielding discussions and provoking thinking in audiences that will be targeted through a dissemination campaign in the later part of the project lifetime.

Aims of the project

I Creating strong bonds between youngsters and youth workers
The project will contribute to the call priority for promoting high quality youth work and strengthening the training paths of youth workers. The activities will be based on multimedia methods such as digital photography and digital storytelling.
II Promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people.
III The Project will support young people to use social media to improve their lives, on a personal and professional level as entrepreneurship skills are life skill to survive difficult situation and transform them into sustainable and positive ways for a better society.

  • ContractingAuthority: Erasmus+
  • Sub-programme : Key Action 2
  • Lead Partner: UK - Youth 4 Future Ltd
  • Partners: ITALY – Tu F1rst Onlus, LITHUANIA – Asociacija Europos Jaunimas, TURKEY – Incirliova Genclik Kultur Sanat ve Gelisim Dernegi, ROMANIA – Asociatia Tinerilor cu Initiativa Civica, GREECE – Artifactory
  • Duration: 01/02/2019 - 31/01/2021, 24 months
  • Project management for Artifactory : Photini Papahatzi

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