Fake News

MediaLiteracy Workshop

in collaboration with the Institute of Prevention and Development

13 December 2020


 Teenagers and young people (13-29 years old) interested to develop their media literacy skills and critical thinking 


·        Understandingwhat is fake news, how we identify them

·        Usingthe ESCAPE model to check the news in six steps

  • Evaluating how we deconstruct meaning in visual images
  • Understanding codes and conventions of documentaries 
  • Using knowledge to develop own documentary pitches 
  • Discussing the selection of process of documentary storytelling


The workshop explores the meaning of Media Literacy in relation with Fake news.  The workshop took place online due to the pandemic: this was an opportunity for more young people to participate from different parts of the region. Participants were invited to discuss the Information neighborhoods and the different information sources people are exposed to. The model Escape was presented by our collaborator Eleni Markaki from the Institute of Prevention and Development.

In the next part of the workshop participants were introduced to documentary conventions and representations of realism in moving image products. This allowed participants to learn the necessary visual language needed to tell a story within this form, but also enables them to understand the selection process involved in telling a story, even if it is based on real events or people. The workshop was based on Let's Get Real lesson plan from the Your Story project , which was funded by the US Department of State, Alumni TIES and World Learning.

Activity 1 Characterizing : What's imagination and what's "real"? 25'

Activity 2 Evaluating: How do we "read" moving images? 35'

Analysing : What are documentary conventions? 40'


·        Develop critical thinking regarding news

·        Understand how we read images (still / moving) using semiotics

·        Evaluate narrative construction of realist media forms e.g. news segments, documentaries

·        Recognize codes and conventions of documentaries

-Apply their knowledge to think and develop their own idea for a documentary    

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