Presentation of the Joe Petrosino Museum to the Annual Conference of the Public History Association

Pisa 11 June 2018

The Joe Petrosino Museum is a narrative museum set up around the figure of the great Italian-American policeman, an example of rigor, legality and devotion to the new country. 

Joe Petrosino as the immigrant that everyone would like to have. Open to the public since 2016 it has been a place to approach the culture of legality. Archives and Libraries provided the raw material to support the museum itinerary and narrations. Europeana Association has selected the museum as an example of the impact of culture on civil society. 

The Workshop wants to present, through the words of the protagonists, how the documents can be a source of ideas and new narratives applying a method that seeks the balance between history and memory through the lens of a dramaturgy reconfigured in the light of the digital revolution. 

The reuse of documents in this capacity allows visitors a variety of readings and insights, confirms that libraries and archives are not places of preservation and safeguarding of the past, but instructions to build the future. 

The workshop will introduce and presents the Public History as a transdisciplinary methodology to achieve all this in concrete and give meaning and depth to the enhancement of our cultural heritage.

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