Participation in Conference in University of Calabria

Aldo di Russo takes part in the conference “Il ruolo dell’ingegneria nel grande affresco della progettazione culturale” organized by the University of Calabria involving the highest territorial authorities and addressing the development of culture and its social use by integrating different skills in mutual respect of roles. “The academy” and therefore the certified information, “the narrative language” and therefore the creativity, “the law” and therefore the way to deal with public procurement and funding, “the technology” to transform a project in real life, “Calabria” to be developed in a European perspective; all together at the same table for a common purpose. Integrated cultural project, not as the sum of its parts, but as integration of knowledge and skills. Let’s hope that the Calabrian initiative can be extended as a good practice of culture as social inclusion, identity and citizenship.

Watch the video here 

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