The Erasmus+ TOURBAN Project  “Tourism Urban & Social Tapestry- Developing Soft & ICT/Mobile learning skills”  addresses the Knowledge Triangle, digital integration, opening up education,  entrepreneurship and soft skills tackling a very large  stakeholder map in the tourism sector. In this sense ARTIFACTORY has been invited by the Necmettin Erbakan University, Tourism
Departments in Konya, Turkey to present best practice examples concerned with digital story telling and visitor satisfaction.

Two best practice examples have been selected: the Black Sea 2007-2013 Project EU funded projects ALECTOR and the COSME 2014-2020 Project DIVERTIMENTO: Under the umbrella of the MIS ETC 2617 Project ALECTOR, the first Open Street Museum in the Black Sea Basin, SCRIPTORAMA, is the first experiment to support understanding instead of admiration.
In the iBook for iOs and Android operating systems, The Will of Marco Polo: adventure with merchants, laborers and wise men, the central hero, is the visitor, who travelling across the commerce roads that become bricks and mortar to reveal the spiral that connects the East and the West: the Golden Fleece, the Silk Road and the Golden Leaves. On his re-invented trail of gold, silk and tobacco, this new Marco Polo, is trying to understand the world.  

The experience-based product developed by the EU Project DIVERTIMENTO builds an unprecedented opportunity to terminate the vicious circle of generating and distributing low quality tourism commodities exchangeable on the basis of the price: a Trilogy, inspired by the Council of Europe principles for Cultural Routes, exploiting both the technology intense experience and the onsite experience in the territory. 

The experience is materialized by an eBook, a trail and 7 heritage games , where advanced multivision technologies convey powerful messages for people and places and support visitor experience both in situ and ex situ. Available as free download at the Appstore and Google
Play, it acts as travel motivator, travel facilitator and visitor influencer at the same time.

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