FREE -KICK OFF MEETING, Milano 13-14 November 2018

The kick-off meeting of ” FREE - No future without remembrance “, Europe for Citizens program took place from Tuesday 13th of November 2018 to the 14th november 2018 in Milan at in the Municipality offices , just behind Piazza Duomo, in the very centre of the city. Representatives of all the partners attended the meeting. The partners of the program are : Italy : Comune di Milano, Cooperativa sociale Tempo per l’infanzia, ANED, ANPI, Universita’ Di Milano; Albania: Dora Et Pajtimit, ISSH ; Austria: TWOF2 + DAS COLLECTIV; Croatia: KUMS - SKWHAT; Greece: ARTIFACTORY

The meeting foresaw a public event on the afternoon of the 13th of November which took place  at “La Casa della memoria”, where young people who participated in the last months at the “Treno della memoria”, the trip from Milan to Auchwitz made by pupils from all youth clubs and secondary schools of Milan , presented their feedback and traces to the general public. 

This was the most suitable way to enter into the activities of our common project and the meeting to discuss about general and specific issues like dissemination, communication strategy, programe, action plan for project implementation and local involvement of target groups. 

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