Aldo Di Russo will represent ARTIFACTORY at the DIGITAL DAY to be held in Viterbo, Italy on
 the 1st of December 2017. The topic is hot and is
dealing with the construction of “fake news”. 

A brief summary:

Fighting fake news is the
overriding imperative of these weeks debate. Fake news is like a fever that
rises in a patient when he is seriously infected. We cannot only use
antipyretics, we must eradicate the infection. Worldwide infection is not in
the digital, but in the cultural, civilized world is the ultimate goal. The
scientific method Galileo gave us, the control of sources, the comparison of
opinions, the mathematical demonstration has never been shared by common
conscience as a way of life.  Building people who believe in everything
and is not seeking the truths produces good sellers, allows to prosper over the
weak, to occupy power without managing the social impact. Beware of those who
say they want to fight fake news, they may not have any valid reason to do so!

Information on the event
is available here .

Are curious about “fake
news” in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance?

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