Everyone knows that land and water are two essential elements for life. Their existence and abundance influenced the history of the human species. Few know that these elements are fighting each other. The earth raises mountains and mountain ranges, and water tries to flatten its works. Walking through the plains and the mountains of our homeland we will try to show their strengths, and how this conflict affected the lives of our ancestors and ours. A natural heritage trail at sixteen (16) heritage locations around the Lake Trichonida in Central Western Greece communicates via an interpretive booklet of twenty-five (25) pages the values of heritage conservation.

  • Contracting Authority: C.I.P LEADER+ 2000-2006/ MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE / 383/4-5-2007/  
  • Duration: 2006-2008 
  • Budget: 50.000,00 €,  
  • Lead Partner: LAG SÜDSCHWARZWALD  
  • Project Designer: Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt 
  • Accessible at: The Past on stage

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