Veni Vidi Comedi: The Cooking Europe Project is designed to develop a sustainable practice around European culinary culture adapted to a fast living society, through a practice of autonomy and DIY (Do It Yourself) approach by linking everyday food with gastronomy and healthy life style. It is financed by European Union, Eramus+ KA2 programme.  

Vedi Vidi Comedi aims to create in the long term, a community discussing about how to prepare your own food and educate young people to become creators of their food in daily life instead of being consumers only. 

The project promotes a healthy and sustainable food culture and aims to contribute to the cultural integration among the youth in Europe through the
circulation of various international culinary practices. Food is a tangible reflection of geography,history, and culture; there are not many more pleasurable ways to become well acquainted with a country than through its gastronomy.

The Veni Vidi Comedi project was selected on March 8, 2016 by members of the local committee of the “European Charlemagne Youth Prize” Luxembourg to represent Luxembourg at the “European Charlemagne Youth Prize”.

  • Project manager of Greek partner CulturePolis: Photini Papahatzi 
  • ContractingAuthority: ERASMUS+ KA2
  • Lead Partner: LISEL, Luxembourg 
  • Accessible at: Veni Vedi Comedi 
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