In the iBook for iOs and Android operating systems, The Will of Marco Polo: adventure with merchants, laborers and wise men, the central hero (the visitor) is travelling across the commerce roads that become bricks and mortar to reveal the spiral that connects the East and the West: the Golden Fleece, the Silk Road and the Golden Age of Tobacco. 

The Will of Marco Polo has not been created in isolation, but in collaboration with local stakeholders in 7 countries: Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey. 

The stories told allow the selected heritage places gain new intercultural significance, support cultural diversity and artistic creativity. In 490 digital spaces connected to the Google map the iBook facilitates new cognitive-emotional encounters, stimulates imagination and participatory exchanges among the reader community. 

Creator: D. Papathanasiou-Zuhrt and Aldo Di Russo
Contracting Authority: ENPI CBC Black Sea Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013
Lead Partner: Development Agency of Drama, Greece
Accessible at: The Will of Marco Polo 

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