The 1006R4/TRAP Project “Territories of River Action Plans” is an Interreg IVC Project implemented in the Programming Period 2007-2013 from 01.01-2012 to 30.12.2014. TRAP has dealt with water management issues and the culture of the waterways. TRAP has also developed a general framework for the management of natural and cultural heritage introducing to standards and recommendations for the interpretation of heritage and filtering the respective policy recommendations for the stakeholder community, policy and decision makers, domain specific experts in spatial planning, heritage management, cultural communication and tourism planning. An intensive training seminar has created among the partners 36 individuals with increased capacities.

Contracting Authority: INTERREG IVCProgramme 2007-2013

Lead Partner: Kainu EtuLtd, Finland

Project Budget: 1.935.936,50 EUR

External Expert: Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt

Accessible at: THE TRAP PROJECT 

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