By anchoring the Cultural Heritage into the Agenda of local and regional development actors the SEE/B/0016/4.3/X Project SAGITTARIUS “Launching (g)local level heritage entrepreneurship: strategies and tools to unite forces, safeguard the place, mobilize cultural values, deliver the experience” (2011-2014) has generated a new cultural heritage infrastructure in South East Europe. 

A Roving Museum builds the prototype for the cooperation of public-private-third sector partnerships. It includes 110 interpretive narratives accessible via 110 QRCs in the territory through any smart device. The narratives are connected to 110 heritage assets under a theme story per country, which are communicated to the public via an exhibition with 110 portable panels, a twofold mobile telephony application and a Social Media-driven participatory space: Facebook TimeLine,Pinterest Collection and Instagram Competition. To enhance end-user experience 6 heritage games are played via hashtags and QRCs.

  • Lead Partner: University of theAegean
  • ContractingAuthority: South East EuropeTransnational Operation Programme 2007-2013
  • Creators: DorotheaPapathanasiou-Zuhrt and Daniel-Fernando Weiss-Ibanez
  • Accessible at: A Roving Museum
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