It is about a route across ten (10) natural heritage places in the Prefecture of Kastoria in North-Western Greece, communicated to the public with a booklet of 32 pages and a series of ten (10) outdoor display pamels. The tour begins from the Petrified Forest in Nostimo, the creation of which is estimated 20 million years ago. The most significant findings are various species of rare vegetal, animal, aquatic fossils, which witness the subtropical climate that used to dominate today’s hilly area. Thereafter, just before we reach Kastoria, we meet the Limnaio Settlement of Dispilio. The settlement’s reconstruction reveals us a picture from the way of life of Neolithic people, 7500 years ago. The route ends in the Lake of Kastoria. In the lake’s surrounding area nest a large number of birds (many of them are threatened by extinction), mammals, while there is a great variety of lakeside plants and trees.

  • Contracting Authority: C.I.P LEADER+ 2000-2006/ MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE / 383/4-5-2007/  
  • Duration: 2006-2008 
  • Budget: 50.000,00 €  
  • Lead Partner: LAG SÜDSCHWARZWALD  
  • Project Designer: Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt 
  • Accessible at: The Past on stage 
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