58individuals have been certified as heritage interpreters by the PROJECTSEE/B/0016/4.3/X SAGITTARIUS/South East Europe Transnational Cooperation20142020. 

The onsite part of the Course had a duration of 3.666 hours thatcorresponds to 145 hours ECVET. 

18 Transnational Study visits and evaluationworkshops at heritage places have been conducted in a 42 month period. 

The mainprofessional functions relate to the wider units of activities for which theirexercise achieves the general objective of the profession. The mainprofessional functions represent the general areas of responsibility for theprofession. They present with what must take place so as to achieve the mainobjective of the Heritage Interpreter profession. 

The Programme has beenimplemented by E-and Distance Learning (20 weeks) On site Lectures (18)Workshops (18) Transnational and Local Study Visits (18) Synchronous andA-synchronous Education Methods incl. social media The EQF Certification issuedin Many 2014 equals to level 06 (postgraduate study programme).

Contracting Authority: South East EuropeTransnational Operation Programme 2007-2013

Lead Partner: Universityof the Aegean

Project Budget: 2.489.980,00 EUR

Educational Design: DorotheaPapathanasiou-Zuhrt

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