SUSTCULT stands for "achieving SUSTainability through an integrated approach to the management of CULTural heritage" and it is a 3-year project co-financed by the South East Europe programme. 

Many valuable heritage sites, including World Heritage sites, in the South-East European region are under pressure. Improving the effectiveness of cultural sites management is a priority and a great cultural and political challenge throughout the region.

The SUSTCULT approach is that cultural heritage has a social and ecological intrinsic significance which shall be safeguarded as a source of sustainable development (SD)

The SUSTCULT project's main objective is to improve the effectiveness of heritage sites management through the development of a common methodology capable of valorizing the complexity of the SEE cultural heritage.

SUSTCULT involved 12 institutions from 7 countries (Albania, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Romania, Slovenia and The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) constituting a well-balanced partnership with a strong territorial relevance.

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