ROVING EXHIBITION “Society of Friends”

The project has been developed within the framework of Strand 2, Measure 2.1 of C.I. Leader+. The project aims to communicate to visitors the historical continuity in Western Greece reflecting the constantly free thought and the love of freedom of the local population until the 2nd World War. All stops are visible and are or related to the specific period(1814-1860 and 1940-1945). Modern-day Western Greece has participated the Revolution against the Ottoman domination has been prepared and carried out in 1821, giving birth to the Modern Greek state in 1832. In the 2nd World War Western Greece was again the first part of the country to have declared and fought for a free government. The spirit of freedom inherited from Hellas and the diffusion of innovative social ideas in people’s hearts is the main cultural feature.” A series of 8 media have been selected to promote project contents:

  • 1. The TOURISM GUIDE. A bilingual guide presents the project and all tourism activities related to it. 
  • 2. The WEBPAGE, which presents the project and will be hosted in the websites of the partners respectively.
  • 3. The ROVING EXHIBITION: The historic cultural and natural environment reflected within the project will be able to cross regional boarders through a Roving Exhibition.
  • 4. The BROCHURE is a succinct presentation of the project, highlighting the main fame attractions.
  • 5. The EVENT SERIES for tourism professionals will help partners to inform tourism professional and specialized journalists in order to further attract diverse target markets.
  • 6. The OPEN HERITAGE DAY is a circular event on annual basis escorting its visitors to the 25 stops of the transregional trail.
  • 7. The DAILY SEMINARS: 4 daily seminars have presented the project to local key stakeholders, and professionals related to tourism at national and international level.
  • 8. A BANNER and A POSTER complement the brochure, the events and the Roving Exhibition advertising the heritage trail. 
  • Creator: D. Papathanasiou-Zuhrt

You may download the Guide here

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