“Postcards from home-NorthWest” is a series of creative photography workshops against discrimination and inequality in the framework of Postcards from home project.

“Postcards from home-NorthWest” was implemented by Artifactory with the support and under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and in collaboration with the Photography clubs of Western and Northern Greece: Komotini Photography Club, Kavala Photography Club, Filippiada Photography Club KADRO and Arta Photography Club FOA. At the same time it was an invitation for participation in the project to people /groups that face social exclusion in these areas. 

"Postcards from home-NorthWest" took place in 3 different cities Kavala, Komotini and Filippiada during 3 months, from September to December 2019 by the workshop leaders Eleni Mouzakiti (Kavala), Lia Nalbandidou (Filippiada & Arta) and Photini Papahatzi (Komotini) .

The aim of the program is to raise awareness and fight xenophobia, to get to know the Other and to include members of social groups experiencing exclusion through artistic creation and the process of exploring the concept of home.

The workshops focus on giving participants space and time to reflect on their experiences - stories about their perceptions of the concept of home and to share them by understanding the points that are common and different. In this context, identity and personal memory issues are identified and processed. Through the practice of photography and the interpretation of images, the program sensitizes and creates tolerance to the integration of any Other into a community, to those who are subject to discrimination and exclusion. The 45 participants had the opportunity to work on photography as well as to become aware by working with individuals and / or groups experiencing social exclusion.


The main co-organizers of the project are: Komotini Photographic Team, Photographic Team Kavala, KADRO Filipiada Photographic Team and Arta Photographic Team.
Abroad: The Postcards from home - North West and the Municipality of As Art & Culture School in Norway have sign a Memorandum of Understanding on project development in Norway in the second phase. The cooperation takes place in the framework of the HAV Europa platform.

HAV Europa is an international interdisciplinary art platform and cultural network. Its main goal is to reduce it of xenophobia in society in general, as well as the reduction of rhetoric and risk aversion caused by lack of inclusion and tolerance.

The training program “Postcards from home - NorthWest” took place from 15
September 2019 to December 30, 2019. The workshops were implemented by a workshop leader in each city in three three-day meetings:
• First meeting (September-October 2019)
• Second meeting (November 2019)
• Third meeting (December 2019)


Participants in Komotini are : Domína Apostolídou, Paraskevás Vátos, Athiná Gardáni, Asimína Gialoutzí, Nikólaos Zoákis, Halide Kasap Ali, Giórgos Katsampéris, Símos Margarítis, Eléni Machairá, Fatma C. Mustafa, Dímitra Papadopoúlou, Zefer Souleiman, Dimitar Todorov, Anthoúla Flamourtzóglou.

Postcards from home North West
Slideshow Presentation Komotini


In Filippiada and Arta the participants are: Chrístos Víchas, Giórgos Nkavágias, Váso Karankiozoúdi, Efthýmios Katsikogeórgos, Pépi Balaoúra, Giórgos Belevéntis, Katerína Nákou, Panagióta Xylogiánni, Nena Ferrante, Eléni Chalkiá and members of the boarding house Aiolos and Agalia.

Postcards from home North West
Slideshow Presentation Filippiada & Arta


Participants in Kavala are : María Argyríou, Theodóra Georgakoúdi, Pantelís Efthymiádis, Eléni Ioannídou, Ilías Koumoulídis, Nikólaos Kalotrapézis, Serife Özlem Kibar, Myrtó Konstantinídou, Konstantína Konstantinídou, Christína Béza, Erfan Nasirkhani, Mata Sesilya Robakidze, Shayan Saidy , Athanásios Tsoukalás kai Sóti Tyrológou.

Postcards from home North West
Slideshow Presentation Kavala





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