"Postcards from home"

“Postcards from home” is an international artistic community that uses the concept of home as a stimulus for reflection and creation and brings together local communities, refugees and artists to reflect, create and share a postcard on the idea of HOME. At a time when migration is a daily event globally, we are returning to the concept of home, and in particular of the hestia. Where is home? What does home mean? What does it symbolize and how is it defined? What is the role that home can play in people’s lives? There is home as an origin, as a natural environment, as the body itself, as the neighborhood, the place, the country, the nation …

Everybody is welcome to participate in “Postcards from home” community by sending an image and a text regarding what home means for him/her. Please click on CREATE YOUR POSTCARD, read the call and fill the form that is below the translations of the call. 

Please visit the dedicated website "Postcards from home"

Participants in “Postcards from home” workshops are invited to explore the concept of home from their own perspective: the familiar and the uncanny, nature as a home, the return to the ‘native’, the island,the region, migration, return to the family home or the country, immigration and more.The concept of home provides a framework for a wide variety of photographic studies.

January 2019 “Postcards from home” makes its home for three days in Rethymno in collaboration with the group ‘ The Teacher’s hangout” for the second three-day intensive training session.

July 2018 “Postcards from home” make its home for three days at Antiparos International Photography Festival for the first Cyclades edition of the summer workshop led by Photini Papahatzi.

July 2018 “Postcards from home” launches in Rethymno with a three-day intensive training sessions that involves developing a venture within a 6-month timeframe. The workshop is led by Lia Nalbantidou & Photini Papahatzi.

August 2017_Tsepelovo – Epirus, Greece : In collaboration with Photometria International Photography Festival and Asfa Photo Courses, a research project on adult education of the School of Fine Arts in Athens Lia Nalbantidou and Photini Papahatzi organised for a week at the Athens School of Fine Arts annex in Tsepelovo in the Zagori region of Ioannina, Epirus, Greece, the 1st edition summer workshop “Postcards from home”. In “Postcards from home” summer workshop participants are invited to explore the concept of home in relation to their personal choices: the comeback to the family home, to the home village, migration, the familiar and the unfamiliar place, nature as home and more. Here is a video from the workshop

March 2017 _Postcards from home launches its Instagram account where members may expand their ideas on Home.

October 2016 _Postcards from home was created by Photini Papahatzi in the framework of her fellowship in “START – Create Cultural Change”, a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, conducted in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and the German Association of Sociocultural Centers and while she was job-shadowing in Gesellschaft für Humanistische Fotografie (Society for Humanistic Photography), Berlin.

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