The Project offers and introduction into the cultural and natural heritage trails in the historic city of Lepanto, Nafpaktos, and the legacy of Miguel de Cervantes. It is communicated to the public with a self-guided booklet and a series of six (6) outdoor display panels in the public space across mountainous trail with six (6) geo-locations. Inside the traditions and the myths of all countries, we find a microcosm full of dwarfs, elves, pixies, bugbears, fairies and goblins. All of them are small anthropomorphous creatures with wisdom, spiritual powers, acute abilities and a close contact to the nature, living as far as possible from humans. The appearances or the meetings with this world exist even at present. There is no place in the world that does not host some kind of them. Mainly, they are common in Northern Europe, where many people still believe in their existence. Their particularity and the fact that people in the Highlands of Nafpaktia consider them as a part of their traditions, make this project interesting and the suggested route a chance to meet areas of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Especially, it is about a route that begins from the coast of the Prefecture of Fokida and ends to the alpine landscapes of the Highlands of Nafpaktia, observing at the same time the visible change of the landscape. The suggested stops belong to 4 different Prefectures and the respective Municipalities, forming a part of compound, around an idea targeting people of all ages and classes. Introduction of a cultural and natural heritage trails in the historic city of Lepanto, Nafpaktos and the Legacy of Miguel de Cervantes.

  • Contracting Authority: C.I.P LEADER+ 2000-2006/ MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE / 383/4-5-2007/  
  • Duration: 2006-2008 
  • Budget: 50.000,00 €,  
  • Lead Partner: LAG SÜDSCHWARZWALD  
  • Project Designer: Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt 
  • Accessible at: Legends of Nafpaktia  
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