Konstantinos Papachristopoulos Ph.D, CPhychol

has completed undergraduate studies in Psychology and Business Administration, postgraduate studies in Human Resource Management (M.Sc.), Counselling and Guidance (M.A.), Cultural Organizations Management (M.Sc.) and holds a Ph.D. in Social/Organizational Psychology. He has worked for local authorities, developmental agencies, NGOs, consultancy companies, employment/innovation centers and academic/adult education institutions since 2002. He has provided lectures & workshops in courses/themes such as organizational psychology/behavior, human resources management and he has facilitated numerous workshops of employees and students for team building, conflict management, social skills and social innovation (i.e. Citylabs). He has been the scientific coordinator for more than 15 research and developmental projects and has participated in working groups of at least 30 European Programmes. He is an Expert in ESCO, Council of Europe (Intercultural Cities Network) and Culture Programme in European Commission. He has gained scientific expertise in collective leadership and innovation initiatives, project development and idea generation while working with teams in organizations to bring innovation and positive social impact in life. For the last six years he has been a trainee of Athenian Institute of Anthropos (AKMA).

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