Katiana Houli

Project& Financial Manager

holds a degree in International & European Studies from the Panteion University of Athens. She obtained a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Policy & Management in UK, Hull University. She also attended a vocation programme on “Business Administration and new Technologies” at the University of Athens. She is fluent in English and has basic knowledge of French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. She has excellent computer skills for Office and internet. Her technical work experience is closely related to the project and financial management with more than a 100 implemented projects; development and implementation of EU funded projects with numerous applications in the last 14 years.

Her engagement at different projects with a variety of partners has offered her the chance to better understand problems, difficulties and particularities related to the project and financial management. She is a member of EUROPEANA, Unicef, Greenpeace, Medasset, International Amnesty and President of Chios Animal Welfare Society. Implemented projects include the CH sector, ICT, environmental protection, tourism, business clusters, social cohesion, social economy and agro food sector.

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