The 2013 1BG1LEO0508769 HeriQ Project “Heritage Story Telling – Quality was funded in 2013 by Life Long Learning 2007-2013 Programme.  

The mission of HeriQ is to shape a more sustainable future by empowering people to do two things: to relate to their natural and cultural heritage, and to achieve a sense of belonging in a changing world. Therefore, we train interpretive agents to build up strong regional networks and interpretive guides to share their local legacy with visitors. This will benefit our communities and encourage people to appreciate and to preserve our common European heritage. 

The HERIQ Project has allocated 40 training hours to the training of 41 professional tourist guides in cultural heritage. The main objective is to provide guides with basic communication skills in the interpretation of heritage aiming to enhance the design and delivery of quality visitor experiences in cultural heritage and archaeological sites, museums and collections, designated and non-designated cultural heritage landscapes, industrial and vernacular buildings.

  • ContractingAuthority: LIFE LONG LEARNING PROGRAMME 2007-2013 
  • Lead Partner: NASB (NationalAssociation for Small and Medium Enterprises Bulgaria) 
  • Trainer: Dr. DorotheaPapathanasiou-Zuhrt
  • Duration: 01.09.2013-31.09-2015 
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