GRU06-10487 NTVIS

The aim of the 2012-1-GR1-GRU06-10487 1 NTVIS:New Transgenerational Visual Literacy” (2007-2013) is to support exchange of knowledge and skills between the elderly and young people in the cultural heritage sector.

Seniors will provide heritage knowledge, and young people will prepare tasks and presentations on the same topic but using mobile applications and media communities.  Young people benefit from the knowledge and experience of the elder, while seniors gain the necessary basics of mobile applications and social media.  

  • Contracting Authority: Grundvig LearningPartnerships/IKY Foundation Greece
  • Lead Partner: University of the Aegean
  • Project Designer: Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt and Daniel-Fernando Weiss-Ibanez
  • Project Budget: 93.500,00EUR
  • Accessible at: NTVIS 
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