GET2ACTION aims to transfer the idea of HearMe project   to new countries, by involving small local museums and youth organizations in Albacete, Amsterdam, Nicosia and Chios. 

Thus, based on HearMe project outcomes, the project will update the methodology developed with new insights and resources for youth participation and engagement, that will lead to GET2ACTION training program which will be integrated into an online platform, that will provide an interactive map of local resources for youth participation, including an updated methodology on how to involve and bring museums and culture closer to younger audiences. 

The objective of the training program is to enable the target groups to access a new training model designed to provide them with the knowledge and skills to improve their professional competences working with young people to foster their civic and cultural participation. 

The training program on the one hand, aims to train the museum workers on the developed methodology and on the other hand, to train the youth workers to act as intermediaries with museums and cultural organizations, introducing with the methodology and exercises developed.


ERASMUS+ 2021-2027

Key Action 2: Cooperation Partnerships
Action: Strategic Partnerships for Youth
Key Objective: Innovation

Project: 2021-1-TR01-KA220-YOU-000028970/Get2Action “Empowering young people for more active civic and cultural participation: engaging with local and Europe’s cultural heritage”

Lead Partner: Municipality of Konya

Project Budget:  262.605,00 €
Duration: April 2023- March 2025


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