The Region of Epirus is known since ancient times through heritage sites such as Dodona, the Roman Nicopolis, the Necromancy and so much more. In modern times it is known as “land of bridges” and “land of stone jewellery” for its countless stone bridges, significant post-Byzantine monuments, monasteries and churches full of murals and carven chancel screens, constitute a composite set of many unknown beauties and surprises for the visitor. The scenery is completed by traditional settlements, stone carved in time by nature and man, fine arched bridges, stone-made watermills. Though a series of thirty-seven (37) outdoor display panels in Greek and English language, which provide for an interpretive experience at heritage places, visitors come in contact with pre-industrial civilization developed in the area through the remaining monuments (bridges-mills); with selected heritage places and monuments of global archaeological value; with areas of unique ecological value with rich biodiversity and local particularities, most notably the culture of the waterways.

  • Contracting Authority: C.I.P LEADER+ 2000-2006/ MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE / 383/4-5-2007/  
  • Duration: 2006-2008 
  • Budget: 780.000,00 €,  
  • Lead Partner: LAG SÜDSCHWARZWALD  
  • Project Designer: Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt 
  • Accessible atLand of Bridges
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