DIVERTIMENTO diversifies tourism offers in peripheral destinations with heritage-based products and services, addressing stakeholder alliances and improving professional skills to internationalize locally operating micro-enterprises, achieve excellence and facilitate their uptake by the global market. The Project combats stakeholder fragmentation and detects the unexploited cultural potential in peripheral destinations by uniting forces and by replacing outdated skills and mind-sets with a new, shared vision for development. Seamlessly connected with tourism consumption points at place level, the product offers authentic and multicultural experiences along with needed tourism services, accessible in real time, such as accommodation, facilities, transport, catering, souvenirs and traditional products, open, indoor and artistic activities. The final product is a Trilogy (Cultural Route, iBook, Heritage Games) inspired by the COE Principles for Cultural Routes, exploiting both the technology intense experience and the onsite experience in the territory. It entered the global distribution channel ITB Berlin in 2017 addressing primarily the connected consumer market, the senior and youth market.  

  • ContractingAuthority: COSME PROGRAMME  FOR THE
  • Project Budget: 312 329,00 €
  • Duration:18 MONTHS
  • LeadPartner: CULTUREPOLIS
  • Project Designer: Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt
  • Accessible at: DIVERTIMENTO 

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