The project is concerned with the cultural treasures of Siatista, the capital of the province of Voio in the prefecture of Kozani, Greece. Siatista has been and continues to be a remarkable center for the production and trade of furs and wines. Both the structured environment and the heritage of heritage as a whole bear witness to the acne of past times. A remarkable library with all the first editions of the works of Adamantios Korai, about thirty unique beauty and distinct style mansions, museums and churches determine the profile of this unique economic structure from the 18th century onwards. The city was gradually transformed into a trade center that was trading with the major shopping centers of the West and Russia. The name "Florochori" and "Thesauroupoli" attributed to Siatista was a brand characteristic of the wealth gained from the trade or even from the custom of hanging women and girls in their chest, who shone when they were dancing at weddings and feasts .
Contracting Authority: C.I.P LEADER+ 2000-2006/ MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE / 383/4-5-2007/
Duration: 2006-2008
Budget: 50.000,00 €,
Project Designer: Dorothea Papathanasiou-Zuhrt
Accessible at: Siatista City of Hidden Treasures

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