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  1. AD HOC Accessible and Digitalized Cultural Heritage for persons with disabilities

    2022-10-04 18:46:00 UTC

    On the 15th of October 2022 the ADHOC Project hosts the Multiplier Event in the Mansion of Perleas, in Kampos, Chios.  ADHOC is an experiment towards solutions for audiences with special needs in the cultural domain.  We truly believe that auditory, visual, mobility and other impairments should not impede individuals…

  2. Europe Day 2020

    2020-05-20 09:46:00 UTC

    On the Europe Day 2020 , the 9th of May, and annual commemoration of the unconditional capitulation of Nazi Germany on the 8th of May 1945, ARTIFACTORY has participated organized by EUROPEANA and EUROPA NOSTRA. For the Europe Day 2020 for a very special webinar to mark the 70th…

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