AMAKA in partnership with Mercy Corps designed the program ART EMERGENCY, an art therapy program, an answer to the refugee crisis, which since August 2015, touched Greece, too.

Despite the various services which are being offered by the state and other bodies to refugees that end up in our country, they are lacking in psychological support to this vulnerable group, especially in younger age groups such as teenagers.

From this perspective, art, symbolic expression, new media and photography come to support young refugees throughout Greece and help them regain their stolen joy and self-confidence. The participants share a segment of their memories from their journey up to our country, express their dreams for the future and analyze through quality tools the surrounding conditions.

Since June 2016, the first model of the Art Therapy Workshops has been operating at the Filippiada camp and at the reception area at Moria, Mytilene, while throughout the summer months the program has been expanding to the camp at Tsepelovo, Ioannina, and to three camps in Attica: Ag. Andreas, Malakasa and Lavrio. 

In the framework of the program the exhibition 'My Journey' presenting the artistic work of the young refugees residing in Petropoulakis camp in Filippiada, took place in the main Filippiada square in collaboration with the photography group KADRO in July 2016

ContractingAuthority: Mercy Corps


Greek partner : AMAKA

Workshop co-leader : Photini Papahatzi 

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