Anastasia Vasileiadou

Anastasia Vasileiadou has a degree in Law and a Masters in Business
Administration with a specialization in Tourism Management.
She is a founding member of “SITO seeds” association, a network of
traditional variety seed savers that aims at enhancing local biodiversity. She is
supporting the association by facilitating events on seed saving and following
workshop on the EU seed marketing legislation to raise awareness among
farmers and consumers.
She was also a founding member of the first urban garden in the city of
Thessaloniki, “PERKA”. She has a strong interest in the connection between
farmers and consumers, being active in supporting synergies that bridge rural
and urban realities.
She has a wide experience in volunteering in programs on environmental
issues (Arcturos, Hellenic Ornithological Society) and on supporting groups of
young people that face mental health issues (Association for Mental Health of
Thessaloniki – SOPSY).
She co-runs a family herb farming business applying permaculture and
regenerative agriculture principles.
She completed a Mediterranean permaculture course during 2020-2021 and
has received various trainings on medicinal plants.
Photography and video, mainly as a means of documentation, are among her

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