Aldo Di Russo, M.Sc.

Audiovisual Design and Production

has earned his degree in Physics from the Sapienza University of Rome in 1976. After his state exam he has taught Physics and served as director of the Laboratory of Electric Measurements “Augusto Righi Institute” in Rome. He has specialized in the diffusion of noble gases and has published results on scientific reviews. In 1980 he shifted his professional career towards the communication technologies ( He has produced the oil trade shows for the Italian Oil Company (ENI) at global level for fifteen years (1980-1995). In the last ten years he focused his professional attention on cultural heritage storytelling and the design and delivery of cultural heritage audiovisuals for museums, shows, exhibitions, documentaries, eBooks and heritage games receiving recognition at world level. 

As an advisor for the reuse of heritage buildings he has developed feasible and profitable solutions for cultural heritage communication and tourism development for over 35 years. His pioneering innovations using computer driven images have created a new language for the cultural heritage experience especially through the use of multivision technologies with over 250 cultural heritage and corporate communication projects. His domain specific expertise had earned him the Blue Genius Award for highly advanced multivision technologies, the AMI Experience Award; the BIMA Award; the eCulture Award, and has been awarded by a series of EU funded projects for his creative solutions in cultural communication. 

He is a partner at Unicity spa and SIMPHONIA, a permanent member of EUROPEANA and is working as multimedia designer and TV show developer for the Italian Broadcast Corporation. 

Personal website : Aldo di Russo 

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