Art & Culture vs Xenophobia

The project

The “Art + Culture vs Xenophobia” project presents a collection of Best Practices selected through an open invitation to civil society organisations in Greece and Norway that address the phenomena of xenophobia and hate speech due to the lack of inclusion and tolerance for the Other, with arts and culture as tools. The collection of Best Practices will be presented together with the musical performance “Every trip is a trip one-way” from Baumstrasse –Dromos me Dentra and the photo exhibition “Tolerance(s)” in a “Art and Culture Vs Xenophobia” event on November 4-6, in Athens, Greece and on November 20, 2020 in Ås, Norway. The “Art + Culture vs Xenophobia” project is being implemented under the Active Citizens fund program, by Artifactory and its partners, the Ås Art & Music School (Kulturskolen i Ås, Municipality of Ås in Norway) and the Baumstrasse Dromos me dentra as partners. 

The aim of the project is to support, network, promote and empower organisations that act to combat racism and xenophobia in Greece and Norway by promoting the Best Practices of projects that have been implemented for this purpose with arts and culture as tools, and raise general awareness against racism and intolerance as well as promote equality and respect for diversity through art and culture.
Beneficiaries of the project are civil organisations in Greece and Norway, social and cultural groups, artists, policy makers, public bodies, trainers of all levels, school students, as well as young journalists, bloggers, contributors, photographers, journalists, scientists / researchers.

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